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New year, new time: 1900UTC

Happy new year from Steven and Graham! We learned a lot in 2020, and had great fun talking with you all and writing new Amiga software.

Our first stream in 2021 will be this Thursday, January 7th, at 1900UTC. That’s an hour later than our previous start time, and will be the new regular scheduled time. See you on!


Subs available!

Dos Amigans are now twitch affiliates, which means that you can watch ad-free and unlock chat emotes by subscribing, and you can gift subs to your friends to grow the community. Happy subbing!

Our regular streams continue to be Thursdays, 1800 UTC, so we’ll be live in a little over eight hours. See you there to uncover more Amiga software development knowledge!

Stream Announcements

2020-09-24 Stream

Dos Amigans will stream live on twitch at 1800UTC, discovering how to write Amiga Software.

Details can be found on the stream page.